Of Fire and Doubt

By Cory Anderson – Class of 2015 The clouds part and the evening sun floods through my window, setting the northern wall ablaze with flames of orange and gold as it sets.  The fire races down the wall, engulfing the heavy, wooden desk and the textbooks strewn across the floor.  Faster than lightning the flames […]

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My Mirrors

By Kevin Singh – Class of 2016 Who am I? That, my dear reader, is a fundamental question that is important not only for those in the medical profession, but also for anyone in the population at large. It is a concept that is heavily emphasized in the medical application process, and a thorough answer […]

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Mirrors of Self

By Kaylyn Elizabeth May Merrifield – Class of 2015 My reflection… Pale and gray Hazy as if far away Shades of someone’s yesterday Not what it used to be Nor what it is to become In those mirrors, eyes passing by A face whose fear is hard to hide A face mistook for someone else […]

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By: Ariela Rozenek – Class of 2015 Scene: A family gathering at a restaurant. A med student, Cynthia, enters, having not seen her family in some time. Everyone is eating and enjoying exciting conversation. Aunt: Cynth! It’s so good to see you dear. How is school? Cynthia: It’s great auntie! My classes are going really […]

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