Latest Entry: Exchange

By Kaylyn Elizabeth May Merrifield – Class of 2015 Damaged teeth and missing hair. Clothed in dirt like a second skin Eyes flashing with mistrust Track marks mapping out the heavens you have reached out to Or the hell you are escaping from Who can tell? The marks of your illness Lingering out in the […]

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24 Hours

By Cory Anderson – Class of 2015 How beautiful is the Night? Shining with stars, pure white And twinkling with light to cut the dark, Open to the eyes of many But known only by the eyes of a chosen few, Bound by memory both old and new, Shining pure white in the dark, cosmic […]

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Mirrors of Self

By Kaylyn Elizabeth May Merrifield – Class of 2015 My reflection… Pale and gray Hazy as if far away Shades of someone’s yesterday Not what it used to be Nor what it is to become In those mirrors, eyes passing by A face whose fear is hard to hide A face mistook for someone else […]

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By William Fung – Class of 2015 As a child I loved the sky Its lazy white and broken blue Reflected in my eyes probably Looked a little like a dream Or maybe it was longing And curled within the loving boughs Of the backyard tree I always waited for The faintest drops of rain […]

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in the absence of you

By: Alison Lai – Class of 2015 fracture my ribs with your resonance and wedge songs into the cracks of my bones. leave for me some remnants of a broken song, maybe just a note, or two, bird tunes, crooning blues. leave just a seed of your memory and I will feed it water and I […]

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37 Degrees

By: William Fung – Class of 2015 Amidst the falling pieces of summerlight you smiled A secret joke teasing the corners of your lips And your fingers were sunlight, slipping through my hand Leaving behind 37 degrees of warmth At night we sat close to the river as it whispered, “Let it be, let it […]

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