Latest Entry: Exchange

By Kaylyn Elizabeth May Merrifield – Class of 2015 Damaged teeth and missing hair. Clothed in dirt like a second skin Eyes flashing with mistrust Track marks mapping out the heavens you have reached out to Or the hell you are escaping from Who can tell? The marks of your illness Lingering out in the […]

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24 Hours

By Cory Anderson – Class of 2015 How beautiful is the Night? Shining with stars, pure white And twinkling with light to cut the dark, Open to the eyes of many But known only by the eyes of a chosen few, Bound by memory both old and new, Shining pure white in the dark, cosmic […]

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Machines of Burden

By Richard Osborne – Class of 2014 “Don’t get too close.” We’ve all heard the proverb of the stoic physician, of the commanding stalwart who treats but seldom feels. The notion that there is a perpetual tension between empathy and efficiency in medicine is as old as it is clichéd. Compassion, we’re told, is the gateway to […]

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