Sarah Peters (c2020) writes a timely narrative to reflect her gratitude for the privilege of hearing patient stories, and the responsibility – to treat the whole patient and not just the illness -that it entails.

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“Rebecca Lauwers shares a reflection written during her first year as a medical student.” My first patient encounter of medical school occurred two days before the winter holidays.  I spent the day in child and adolescent psychiatry. The parents have lingered in my mind the most.  Sometimes they seem more haunted than the patients. I […]

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The Encounter: An Essay

Every day on my walk to and from school, I pass through a lovely park. Usually, I walk at a fairly quick pace so as not to waste time or be late for class, ignoring those around me and avoiding eye contact. One afternoon on my walk through the park, a dishevelled-looking man on a […]

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Somebody’s Baby

Alex Pearce, (c2019) reflects through a moving patient encounter with “Jack” on the responsibility and privilege of understanding a patient’s story and presenting illness in the context of their relationships and life experiences.

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Art Series: Hands

We are beginning a series showcasing artwork done by our medical students here at McMaster. To kick this off, here is a piece by Jennifer Guan (c2020). Jen enjoys painting and doing illustrations in her spare time, along with running workshops with others to promote wellness and artistic pursuits.

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To the choir

I started to bite my nails in June the morning after he took Everything from me. We used to ride the bus together. He sat at the back, made fun of me for living on the poor end of the street. Boys will be boys You know they like you when their words cut. Push […]

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Mrs. DB

“We have a 90-year-old female DNR coming in from nursing home in respiratory distress. ETA is 2 minutes” I felt the pressure immediately. I hadn’t witnessed the passing of a patient yet, but I had a feeling that I would not be able to end my shift saying the same. She was wheeled in, visibly […]

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