Art Series: Hands

We are beginning a series showcasing artwork done by our medical students here at McMaster. To kick this off, here is a piece by Jennifer Guan (c2020). Jen enjoys painting and doing illustrations in her spare time, along with running workshops with others to promote wellness and artistic pursuits.

To the choir

I started to bite my nails in June the morning after he took Everything from me. We used to ride the bus together. He sat at the back, made fun of me for living on the poor end of the street. Boys will be boys You know they like you when their words cut. Push… Continue reading To the choir

Mrs. DB

“We have a 90-year-old female DNR coming in from nursing home in respiratory distress. ETA is 2 minutes” I felt the pressure immediately. I hadn’t witnessed the passing of a patient yet, but I had a feeling that I would not be able to end my shift saying the same. She was wheeled in, visibly… Continue reading Mrs. DB

Reflections from an ER Patient

Mr. X was about thirty years old and had been dealing with severe, unexplained chronic abdominal pain for years. Before seeing him, the ER staff physician I was following, Dr. Y, showed me his test results - a huge collection of x-rays and scans and blood tests and laparoscopic procedures that all failed to give… Continue reading Reflections from an ER Patient

The Superheroes of Camp and Clinic

The opportunity that medicine provides us to work with and help people during some of the most difficult times of their lives is one of the main reasons I have always wanted to pursue medicine as a career. I am naturally a people person; I love being able to get to know someone deeply and… Continue reading The Superheroes of Camp and Clinic

2 Sugars, OK

In some ways, I was expecting some grandiose event, or something at least quasi-divine, to be the impetus for further reflection and thought on my ultimate role in medicine. Instead, something that has stuck with me the most, was my experience on the HEIGHTEN program, in which I was to shadow a nurse on the… Continue reading 2 Sugars, OK

The Journal of Imaginary Diseases: The Blind Spot

Mr… uhmmm? Sorry, can’t recall your name, yes you, sir… Finally, he came out of his office and asked me to come in. For the past four hours, I’ve been waiting, seeing people coming in and coming out of the room at the end of the hallway. Dr. Wang — smooth white coat, stethoscope gently wrapping his… Continue reading The Journal of Imaginary Diseases: The Blind Spot

Prime Meridian

I twirl the globe on my night stand. The bumps of the meridians and the Andes Mountains graze the pads of my fingers. Spinning, spinning, whirling softly, I do not notice the strobing of light outside my window. My fingers become dry and my eyes become blurred from all the turning. I stop the globe.… Continue reading Prime Meridian

RPP Adaptation – MF1

During the year that I worked, I had a few days off here and there due to the structure of my contract. I volunteered at a hospital, with the knowledge that I won’t be able to spend as much unfettered time with patients as a medical student, and eventually, as a physician. There is one… Continue reading RPP Adaptation – MF1