The Big Moments

Rheanna Bulten, c2022 “We have your MRI scan results. I have some news for you, and I think it might be best if you sit down.” Growing up, I’d heard people say that the big moments in their lives – moments where everything changed – they remembered with crystal clarity. I remember every detail of […]

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Mr. Nobody in Crisis

Michael Vu, c2022 I recently began actually enjoying movies again after a years-long hiatus. I feel like I’m going to risk exile for saying this, but the fact is that I have gotten into the unfortunate habit of paying for Netflix while not actually having time to use it. Lately, I’ve been “rescued” – you […]

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What My Brain Tumour Taught Me

  By: Noam Raiter (c2022) My name is Noam Raiter and I am a first-year medical student at McMaster University. I have wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been a patient for even longer. Specifically, at age 5 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  I often […]

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Lost to Follow Up

By: Laura Spatafora (c2020) The first thing that struck me about Anna was her age; she was only 28 years old, but she had the longest chart and medication list of all the patients that we’d seen in clinic that day, all of whom were also much older than her. I remember thinking to myself, […]

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How my experience as a cancer patient shaped me as a medical student and future health provider

  By: Raafia Siddiqui The surgeon asked me for the second time, “So are you here alone?” “Yes,” I answered, a bit impatiently this time. I was a 20-year-old who felt I had better things to do than be at this appointment. My family doctor had noticed a lump on my throat and insisted I […]

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A Match

“Please be aware that most stem cell donors and patients never meet.”      The Guide for Potential Unrelated Donors, OneMatch Stem Cell and Marrow Network. Canadian Blood Services.      There’s a message on the machine when I get home from work. A red and flashing number 1. A rainy Thursday in May. I slide the […]

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He called me “Dr.” — I am no doctor. Did he not hear me introduce myself as just a medical student? I open his chart full of tabs and labels — but to me it is an angry mess of half-filled forms. Drowning under drug names, I barely have the sense to register that his […]

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Time Doesn’t Stop

My ear is tuned to the music around me, sounds an untrained ear might never notice. A man coughing as his wife pats his back, a baby gasping for breath after a crying spell, a woman by the window slurring her speech after one cocktail too many. All of these have the potential for disaster, […]

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