In Moments

I was good with patients, I could put them at ease, likely because I was only interested in putting them at ease. So I’d introduce myself, sit back, and start a conversation. I’d open my eyes —not just the lids themselves, but the meaning, the world behind them, to open myself —an invitation to engage in an attempt… Continue reading In Moments

Dance on Clouds

  By Beatrice Preti, c2017 We had finished the OR list early that day, and I'd run to the university library to find some books. As I was walking towards the check-out desk, I tripped over my own feet (typical me), scattering the books everywhere. A boy nearby helped me collect what I now realised… Continue reading Dance on Clouds


Poetry by Anthony Sandre, c2018   I have no plan; no agenda, no timeline and no plan. I feel civilization crumbling away beneath me, I feel my mind leave my physical body. I release all inhibition and bare my soul for the world to see. I feel the eyes of others, hungry to steal away… Continue reading I

Grieving While in Medical School

By: Emma Herrington, c2018, Hamilton Campus My father took his own life five months into my training as a medical student. His death was public; photos of the scene were shared on twitter before I even knew. On the morning of his death, I was working at my family medicine placement in Burlington. At the… Continue reading Grieving While in Medical School

It’s not a big deal

Written by Nikita Arora (c2018) “Women should be shy.” “This stethoscope will be great for picking up chicks.” It’s not that I hadn’t heard this before. I grew up wading in filthy pools of these comments and I still hear them everywhere. It’s a classic example of a microaggression. “Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental… Continue reading It’s not a big deal

This strange place…

  Written by Anthony Sandre & Photography by Savannah Silva  What is this strange place I’ve found myself in? As medical students, we place ourselves in uncomfortable situations - willingly or unwillingly - and, at times, are left responsible for patient management and care. When this first happens, you begin with your history and physical examination… Continue reading This strange place…

Over Dragon Fruit

I had not seen nor spoken to my grandfather in twenty years. I had occasionally written letters corresponding with him during my childhood, but we gradually lost touch during my teenage years. While the rest of my extended family in Viet Nam had prescribed to the Western advances in communications technology, connecting via various smartphone… Continue reading Over Dragon Fruit

Something From Nothing

Written & Photograph By Megan Schlorff – c2018 *To protect patient privacy, names were altered in the retelling of this story. I entered the room behind Dr. McDonald and introduced myself to John and his wife. They were an older couple – likely in their 70s – who seemed pleasant. Dr. McDonald hadn’t briefed me about… Continue reading Something From Nothing

Deep Breath

By Kelly Lien – Class of 2018 Deep breath. Nearly time to go. Before heading downstairs to clinic, I remembered to ask about where I could borrow a white coat. It looks just like a lab coat, like the kind I would wear to teach organic chemistry labs at school. But, in the hospital clinic, it… Continue reading Deep Breath

her tears

By Beatrice Preti - Class of 2017 Photograph by Darwin Chan - Class of 2018 when she cries, the sides of her eyes crinkle, and she frowns, just a little. there’s no sobbing or shrieking like the young ones do. she sits there alone, as the tears line up to fall, pausing politely so they don’t… Continue reading her tears