Lullaby for Anxious You

You are not alone in this. I, weepy though I am, will lull you to sleep tonight. The stars, too, watch over you, and they will someday guide you home. The pebbles, too, are part of you smooth as skin and infinite. And the ocean, though it carries on its way, Cares for you, loves […]

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Poetry by Anthony Sandre, c2018   I have no plan; no agenda, no timeline and no plan. I feel civilization crumbling away beneath me, I feel my mind leave my physical body. I release all inhibition and bare my soul for the world to see. I feel the eyes of others, hungry to steal away […]

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Poem by Nikita Arora (c2018), Photograph by Karen Ngo (c2018) “How do you heal from where we come from?” From the places where the blood on our sheets was our only comfort From the places where our faces met fists at so many angles, that our features deformed/formed to the bump of a man’s knuckles […]

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Go Away

Poetry by Beatrice Preti, c2017 I remember the way she yelled at me And called me names that I believed She called me stupid and useless and dumb But I knew no better, so I turned numb But the tears still fell out when I was alone My heart felt so empty, so broken, so […]

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Never Been Born

Poem by Beatrice Preti, Photograph by Darwin Chan Her eyes fill with memories of bloodshed and gore “Hey, doctor,” she says. “I wish I’d never been born.” Her legs are too short to reach to the ground So I lend her my arm, and help her jump down She runs to the window, and looks […]

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Thank you, Cancer.

Written by Anthony Sandre & Photography by Savannah Silva   Thank you, Cancer. From where I stand, I’m looking at the sky and thinking of the seemingly unaware people around me. Thank you, Cancer. As I close my eyes, I remember my family members who have been torn from this world by cancer’s iron fist. Thank […]

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putting out fires

Poem by Beatrice Preti – c2017 Photograph by Darwin Chan – c2018 i am the monster who steals the light whenever i speak, all hope takes flight i watch it escape, watch it grind into dust i watch the hearts freeze, then wildly combust it’s a balloon that i’ve popped, another flat tire their eyes […]

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I used to lie

By Beerpal Plaha – c2018 I used to lie with shifty eyes and fidgeting hands, with monarchs in my stomach and worms in my gut With a shaky laugh and pounding heart, I stammered half-truths that were half-lies uttered fictions with ears flushed red, prickling like thistle on my arms that day I picked tomatoes […]

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