Jodie (c2020) writes an exceptional poem/creative piece reflecting on her time sitting in on a group mindfulness session facilitated by a therapist; during her recent Psychiatry rotation.

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Prime Meridian

I twirl the globe on my night stand. The bumps of the meridians and the Andes Mountains graze the pads of my fingers. Spinning, spinning, whirling softly, I do not notice the strobing of light outside my window. My fingers become dry and my eyes become blurred from all the turning. I stop the globe. […]

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Comfort Measures

From the moment we are born, We are dying— But it doesn’t seem to matter Until someone gives us a reason to doubt We will wake up tomorrow. Then we are afraid to fall asleep, Every blink feels like a kiss of lidocaine (2%, with fear) Are we still breathing? (For how long?) In that […]

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On Dying

A university student takes a picture in front of the fall foliage with a peace sign and a gleeful smile during his weekend hike Depending on what colour the leaves are, if they’re on the trees or on the ground how long they’ve been there His picture speaks of the dying process       […]

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What is it about a messy house What is it about skipping the gym for one day What is it about not talking to him at the time of night you usually talk to him What is it about missing lunch yesterday What is it about not showering in the morning What is it about […]

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