Time Doesn’t Stop

My ear is tuned to the music around me, sounds an untrained ear might never notice. A man coughing as his wife pats his back, a baby gasping for breath after a crying spell, a woman by the window slurring her speech after one cocktail too many. All of these have the potential for disaster, […]

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It’s not a big deal

Written by Nikita Arora (c2018) “Women should be shy.” “This stethoscope will be great for picking up chicks.” It’s not that I hadn’t heard this before. I grew up wading in filthy pools of these comments and I still hear them everywhere. It’s a classic example of a microaggression. “Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental […]

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I used to lie

By Beerpal Plaha – c2018 I used to lie with shifty eyes and fidgeting hands, with monarchs in my stomach and worms in my gut With a shaky laugh and pounding heart, I stammered half-truths that were half-lies uttered fictions with ears flushed red, prickling like thistle on my arms that day I picked tomatoes […]

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By Sabrina Lue Tam – Class of 2017 You might have an idea of who I am when you first look at me. You might guess from the colour of my skin, the slant of my eyes when I smile, the way my hair falls straight as a sheet from the crown of my head. […]

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The rules for being a medical student

In a Professional Competencies class, the students of Michael DeGroote’s School of Medicine class 2018 had a lecture about Narrative Medicine. They did a close reading of Jamaica Kincaid’s short story “Girl” and were then given 8 minutes to write a reflection to the prompt: “What are the rules for being a medical student?”  This post lists […]

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Mental Illness and Medicine

By: Andrea I suffer from mental illness. There. I said it. The secret’s out. I’ve been thinking about this moment for quite some time now. I often wondered how I would do it. Would I say it in tutorial? Would it come out during some cushy moment in Pro Comp? Would it slip out in […]

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