Who are we?

The Placebo Blog wouldn’t be possible with input from our dedicated writers and photographers. While we are always open to guest submissions, here’s our team of writers and photographers who have committed to contributing interesting entries on a regular basis.


Beatrice Preti – c2017
Beatrice is an avid reader and writer. She enjoys all genres and types, but particularly poetry, fantasy, science fiction, and comedy. She also enjoys antagonizing all in sight with a variety of memes and cartoons.

Victor Lam – c2018
I am a second year student at McMaster University. I really enjoy sketching, painting and running. My favourite genre would be science fiction and I can appreciate a good horror novel.

Anthony Sandre – c2018
I’m originally from Windsor and I hold a BScH from the University of Windsor and an MSc in Global Health from McMaster University. As life became progressively insane, I’ve come to understand that reflective writing is a powerful means to express, understand, and share thoughts with yourself and others. In my spare time, you can also find me participating in any number of intramural or extracurricular sports (I have a newly found CrossFit obsession), spending time with friends/family or reading a good book.

Nikita Arorac2018
I am a long time spoken word artist. I love biking, swimming, and Indian food! I’m also into social justice things so e-mail me if you want to chat or share a cool article/book recommendation/poetry/video/anything else!

Shan Leung – c2018
Shan graduated from the University of Ottawa with a major in biology and a minor in philosophy. His writing interests are in biology, philosophy, ethics and politics. When he is not writing, Shan can be found practicing yoga, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or complaining about the weather.


Aixin Liu – c2018
Bachelor of Science graduate from UofT. Is a photography enthusiast and loves trying out new shooting styles with different people, places and things!

Darwin Chan – c2018
Once a photojournalist, now a medical student for the better: this was my first love. Previously, I learned about people through portraits and subtle emotion. Now I hope to fulfill my commitments as a medical student all the while remembering what it means to take a photograph.

Karen Ngo – c2018
I’m from the Hamilton Campus. I spent the last four years in the UK where I acquired the camera that I am currently using. Here, I also discovered the joys of road tripping, dragonboating and cooking Vietnamese food.

Savannah Silvac2018
1. My favorite thing to photograph is authentic surprise or laughter.
2. I like using photography as a medium for shifting perspectives.
3. I’m always on the lookout for a new adventure or coffee shop–any suggestions?

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