Hamilton, I Love You. A Pedestrian’s Tale

By Sarina Lalla (c2020). Photo by Kyle Godden (c2019)

Some will dismiss you as Ontario’s armpit

But I think they’re sorely mistaken

For they don’t take the time

To see how you can be breathtaking


They can climb up the escarpment

Past the heritage homes

And take a good look at your skyline

Through the steps of their roams


A mix of old and new will dazzle them

As they take in your view

From the remnants of your steel city

To the high rises of downtown avenue


And behind it all will sparkle the Great Lake

That makes your weather mild

Windy at times, I’ll give you that

But beautiful enough to leave us beguiled


Better yet

It’s your inhabitants that are your biggest asset

Beautiful people I have



And met


People who thank bus drivers

People who help those who slip on ice

People who help the less fortunate

People who are genuinely nice


And on a personal note

The best part of you is my second family

Friends that have made you my home away from home

And that have let me into their lives happily


I am eternally thankful for what you’ve given me

And since I’ve met you I have grown

I’m thankful for taking a leap of faith
Moving away from all I’ve ever known

Hamilton, I love you

And everything you’ve done for me

And I hope I can repay you

As I spend the next 2 years working in your community.

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