Poetry by Anthony Sandre, c2018

IMG_6625 (2) (1).JPG
Photograph by Savannah Silva, c2018


I have no plan; no agenda, no timeline and no plan.

I feel civilization crumbling away beneath me, I feel my mind leave my physical body.

I release all inhibition and bare my soul for the world to see.

I feel the eyes of others, hungry to steal away everything that makes me human.

I fail to grasp at reality and feel myself slipping into a world of woe.

I live in a state of euphoria, a place of paradise once lost.

I live below the ground; I am the slug in the garden.




I close my eyes, I seal my soul and begin to rise from six feet under.

I release myself from the depths of someone else’s soul; a phoenix from the fire.

I shed myself of misery and embrace disposition.

I heal.

I heal.

I heal.

I am.


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