I used to lie

By Beerpal Plaha – c2018

I used to lie with shifty eyes and fidgeting hands,
with monarchs in my stomach
and worms in my gut

With a shaky laugh and pounding heart, I stammered
half-truths that were half-lies
uttered fictions with ears flushed red,
prickling like thistle on my arms that day I picked tomatoes

Once, I stumbled through deceit,
Wove fact and falsehood with strings of clumsy words,
left crescents in clammy palms,
bitten nails imprinted on hands clenched tight

I thought I would crumble under the guilt,
that truth would spill out like milk boiling over,
the pan coated with a scorched mess
an almond odour lingering in the air

I did not think it would become easier

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