By Simone Banh – Class of 2016

Serene sea waves
I am content
Then the quake begins in my mind
Shaking, shuddering as the memory appears
Explosion of thoughts
The emotions spread
Receding waves taking the happiness away
Wrenching pain tugs at my heart
Tsunami crashes and the emptiness comes
Pangs pounding in my chest
Destruction, dragging me away from shore
Joining you soon
A gift from the sea
The DSM V describes grief as having feelings of emptiness and loss, dysphoria occurring in waves, and preoccupation with thoughts and memories of the deceased. The waves are also known as “pangs of guilt”. Naturally I thought of the waters, and how the tides typically recede before a tsunami. I imagine grief as a tsunami, so horribly destructive. Yet somehow, the deceased hide in this tsunami, and as terrible it is, we are drawn to it and lose ourselves in the waters.

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