Two A.M.! (A Parody of Let It Go!)

By Beatrice Preti – Class of 2017

Lights glow bright in the ER tonight
Not a patient to be seen
I’m nodding off on duty
Quick! Someone get some more caffeine!

The snow is swirling on the lonely streets outside
No one could come in, even if they tried

Oh, I want to sleep! But they can’t see
They won’t say that word: Q-U-I-E-T!
Try not to feel, though I’d wish they’d know
And let me go!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!
Two A.M., and I’m still awake!!!
Two A.M.! Two A.M.!
Won’t you please give me a break?
I’m so tired, I really need some rest
Won’t someone please take over?
I promise I’ll buy you breakfast

It’s funny how my eyelids
Make everything seem small
They’re closing oh, so quickly
Soon they won’t open at all!

It’s time for me to go to bed!
Just look at me — my eyes are red!
But they don’t notice, they don’t see…
Please, let me go free!!!!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!
Two A.M., and I’m fading fast!
Two A.M.! Two A.M.!
I won’t make it, I’ll never last!
I’m dead tired, I really need a break!
Won’t you let me go…?

The wind is blowing all the snow into the air
The place is dead — no sign of patients anywhere
And one thought crystallises like an icy claw
What was I thinking? I should’ve gone into law!

Two A.M.! Two A.M.!
I’m so tired, and the place is dead!
Two A.M.! Two A.M.!
Please, let me go to bed!
I’ve had enough, don’t care if the pager beeps
Let the storm rage on
It’s two A.M., and I am going to sleep

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