24 Hours

By Cory Anderson – Class of 2015

How beautiful is the Night?
Shining with stars, pure white
And twinkling with light to cut the dark,
Open to the eyes of many
But known only by the eyes of a chosen few,
Bound by memory both old and new,
Shining pure white in the dark, cosmic blue

How beautiful is the Dawn?
Warm with the rising Sun
That moves us to run and seize the day at our feet,
Golden and optimistic,
Smiling through the thickness of mist,
Inspiring and blissful as a lover’s first kiss

How beautiful is the Dusk?
Bright with orange fire
That fans our desire to be better
Full of wonder and joy,
Lifting our eyes from unworthy pursuits
And moot points that distract
From the quality of our youth

They all three share something more,
Something better:
You who knows the stars,
Who has felt the sun and bathed in the twilight,
You who transcends the confinement of our day,
Who will never be caged by the bars of our atmosphere,
You who coaxes smiles from tears,
Who eliminates fears from the hearts of those you bring close,
You who will forever be a shooting star,
On your way to better things as you fly above the sky,
Set free from the bonds of our 24 hours,
Free to follow your dreams beyond the end of time

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