Mirrors of Self

By Kaylyn Elizabeth May Merrifield – Class of 2015

My reflection…
Pale and gray
Hazy as if far away
Shades of someone’s yesterday

Not what it used to be
Nor what it is to become

In those mirrors, eyes passing by
A face whose fear is hard to hide
A face mistook for someone else
Not a reflection of myself
Not myself, not someone else.

In this dark I cannot see
I don’t remember feeling free
That’s what the night has done to me.
It maps out my captivity
The borders of the endless sea
Of who I am supposed to be…
And the ruler that lies between us.

The ruler measures every day
It measures me in every way
Every number a debt to pay
It measures what I lack

The ruler reminds me every day
It reminds me in every way
It shows me what I could be.
What I could be…
Who I will be

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