By William Fung – Class of 2015

As a child I loved the sky
Its lazy white and broken blue
Reflected in my eyes probably
Looked a little like a dream
Or maybe it was longing
And curled within the loving boughs
Of the backyard tree I always waited for
The faintest drops of rain and
As they traced a slow descent onto the earth
They brought the sky’s sweet scent
And just a little bit of memory

But now an adult that memory is broken glass
And the sky that once was only a tree’s height away
Is now so distant that there is no hope
Of ever reaching it

Yet sometimes, on a darkened day
When the rumbling footsteps of gods shake the earth
And the sky trembles in a moment of pure light
There is the faintest stirring, like something caught
In my eye that I know is not there
And when forgiving night finally descends,
Curled within the cold sheets of my bed
I will close my eyes and
Dream of rain

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