Admissions Weekend: From the Other Side

By Robin Morin – Class of 2015

When I found out in November that I had been randomly selected to be one of the Admissions Committee members for the class of 2015, I was thrilled. I knew it was one of the most popular committee choices, but it was the only one that I had selected in the lottery. I just couldn’t imagine myself working on any of the others. I like clear expectations, firm deadlines, and obvious responsibilities – that sort of thing – and the admissions committee definitely offered these. I was even more excited to learn that I was paired with Rob Koziarski. We worked together for the Public Health Agency before med school, so I we already had a good working relationship and I knew he would make a great teammate.

During our first meeting with Wendy Edge in November 2012 I began to have doubts about my ability to meet said clear expectations. She listed our responsibilities – oversee creation of the admissions video, train the hosts for the interview weekends, attend the monthly admissions committee meetings, be present from 7 am-5pm on all three interview days to give presentations to the applicants, organize the hosts and groups, register the applicants, among others. It seemed like a really big job. My selection of admissions on the committee lottery was an impulsive one – I hadn’t really thought through how I would handle my academic responsibilities as well as these new ones because I honestly thought that my chances of getting selected were pretty slim. However, here I was at the end of MF1 with a list of new tasks piled on my plate.

I’ll fast forward to the first interview weekend. The admissions video was done (thank you Brian Chin!), Rob and I had prepped our presentations and trained the hosts, it was 7:20 AM, and I was walking into MDCL. As I walked up to the front doors, I could see some applicants milling around. I couldn’t believe it! Their official check-in time wasn’t until 8:30 AM and here some of them were already.

Seeing the interviewees instantly brought me back to my own interview day, the previous year. I was part of the second group on the last day, and heart-in-my-throat nervous. My interview at Mac was my first and only one, so I had no other experiences to prepare me for what was coming. I remember showing up an hour early, fumbling my way through the registration table, sitting mute before the MMI with my group and hosts way too nervous to even consider eating, and walking in what felt like a death march with my group to the MMI. These memories made me supremely happy and grateful to be on the other side of the admissions process, and immediately calmed me for the long day ahead. Through registration, presentations, and lunch, I tried to be a very calm influence on what I could only imagine was a very nervous group of applicants, and tried sell Mac as a great program that is a wonderful fit for me. We did this successfully six times through the three days.

Now that the interview weekends are all over, my feelings are mixed. While it feels as though a burden has been removed from my shoulders, I’m also going to miss the excitement and expectation that is a natural part of the interview process. Public speaking doesn’t come particularly easy to me, so that part of the job was difficult, especially with all the Deans watching, but improved throughout the weekends. I’m hopeful that we made the interviewees time outside the MMI as enjoyable and stress-free as it could be, while also showing off this great school at which we were lucky enough to get a spot.

Mac Med’s 2013 Admissions Video – Enjoy!

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