Call for Writers!


Hey Everyone!

Placebo – our medical student blog – is looking for submissions! This is a great forum to share your clinical experiences, your med school experience, your current research, or anything else you might be passionate about with the Mac Med community!

Here are some ideas:

– Opinion pieces on global health, Refugee health cuts etc.
– A reflection piece on a deep life lesson gained through a clinical encounter
– Commentary on a recent scientific journal article or health care related book or your own research
– Anything composed after being on-call and awake for over 24 hours
– A poem 🙂
– A “self care” segment – suggestions/reviews of non-medical things in Hamilton

There are two ways of becoming involved with this project:

1) Become a core writer! Depending on how many writers we get, we expect each core writer to contribute a piece approximately once every two months (more or less, depending on how much YOU want to contribute).

2) Be a guest submitter! We are always looking for guest submissions about anything you’ve been involved with or have found particularly interesting. This could be about a conference you’ve been involved with, a lecture you were intrigued by or a commentary on your abroad experience. Whatever it is, we would love for you to write for us.

If you are interested, send us an e-mail at with your name, class and topic for your submission. Also let us know if you are interested in being a core writer or a guest submitter. Because this is a blog, we are always looking for submissions, so keep us in mind whenever you have something you’d like to share. We look forward to hearing from all of you!

Alison Lai and Priscilla Kwan
Class of 2015

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